Hardware For topics related to hardware recommendations, cluster configurations, processor speeds, etc. Infrastructure For topics on how CMAQ is currently organized and distributed on github, maintained on EPA compute servers and shared with the CMAS Community. Meteorology For topics related to CMAQ meteorology. Land Surface For issues/questions related to land surface modeling algorithms in CMAQ. Benchmark Issues and Errors Share your questions and experience in using CMAQ input and output benchmark datasets, including run-time results, and quality assurance of output data, and impact of libraries and compilers. Ancillary Inputs Use this category to report issues with using ancillary inputs (other than Emissions or Meterology) to CMAQ. Chemistry and Aerosols For deep diving into the Chemistry and Aerosol formulations of the CMAQ model. Documentation We welcome questions and suggestions on CMAQ documentation. Within the CMAQ GitHub repository (, this includes the CMAQ User’s Guide, Tutorials, Developer’s Guide and Release Notes found under the DOCS folder as well as sample scripts and files that are provided throughout the code base. Run Time Errors and Issues Having trouble running CMAQ? Review existing topics that have been posted under this category, and if you can’t find something similar, create a new topic and attach your log file and run configuration settings to get help. Post-processing For topics related to CMAQ post-processing tools and software (AMET, Python, R). Compiling For topics related to compiling CMAQ and the libraries that it depends on including MPI, netCDF, I/O API.
Topic Replies Activity
About the CMAQ category 2 March 11, 2019
CMAQ 5.3 Emissions 1 January 16, 2020
LUFRAC_CRO error in CMAQv5.3 7 January 10, 2020
CMAQ5.3 run. / run_cctm_2010_4calif1.csh error not seen CSQY_DATA_saprc07tic_ae7i_aq 2 January 10, 2020
Combine run Error 9 January 10, 2020
MPI_ABORT CMAQ v5.3.1 13 January 9, 2020
CCTM compilation 50 January 9, 2020
Maximum AQCHEM total iterations exceeded 8 September 3, 2019
ICON and BCON data source 4 January 6, 2020
CMAQ5.3 subroutine gridded_files_se 14 January 6, 2020
Twoway model configuration error 3 January 6, 2020
Incorrect timestepping for elevated point source emissions 2 January 6, 2020
The calculation mechanism of ASO4s 5 January 3, 2020
MCIP and CCTM issue for CMAQ version 5.2.1 13 December 31, 2019
Error while running chemmech 1 December 26, 2019
Error in generating inline dust emissions while running CMAQ5.0.2 3 December 23, 2019
Error in running CMAQv5.0.2 4 December 23, 2019
Emissions processors bedside 3 December 10, 2019
Some Questions on CMAQ Ozone Modeling (Comparisons of CMAQ v5.3 and CAMx v6.5 runs) 13 December 6, 2019
CMAQv5.3 2-day benchmark index error 18 December 5, 2019
CMAQ5.3 CCTM undefined reference error 6 December 4, 2019
Error when compile create_omi 3 December 3, 2019
CMAQv5.2 benchmark difference 8 December 2, 2019
Error when running BCON process of CMAQ v5.3 7 December 2, 2019
Four issues with CMAQv5.3 7 November 22, 2019
CCTM-benchmark cctm error 4 November 18, 2019
Error in running CCTM 3 November 8, 2019
CCTM build error 13 November 8, 2019
CMAQ(v5.0.2)-APT installation issue 2 November 8, 2019
Error in CMAQ5.3 benchmark on Ubunru18 3 November 8, 2019