Issue about allocateGOES2WRFGrids in SA tools

Dear staffs,
I want to use the Spatial-Allocator tools to process the GOES satellite data for WRF assimilation. After searching for materials, I find there are allocateGOES2WRFGrids.csh and convertWRFNC2dataAssimilationFMT.csh in raster_scripts. However, there isn’t any documents telling us how to use the output of these csh scripts for WRF data assimilation (Maybe I don’t find them). Could you please tell me how to use the output like for data assimilation in WRF?

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I found the following article from the developer of these tools.
that pointed to the Raster Tools User Manual.

The online version of the documentation is here:

I am not sure that the instructions were provided on how to use the output from the Raster Tools for data assimilation inputs into WRF-CMAQ. Perhaps @wong.david-c @rgilliam know, or may have a suggestion on who can best help with this.