MCIP - accepting more than 367 input meteorological files


How can you modify mcip program to accept more than 367 default input meteorological data at one execution ? or is it even possible?

Many thanks John

Hi John,
Yes, you can modify “files_mod.f90” at mcip/src by increasing the default maximum number of open files from 367 to any number you want (e.g. 800):

change this line
INTEGER, PARAMETER :: max_mm = 367
INTEGER, PARAMETER :: max_mm = 800

Do not forget to recompile the code after you make above changes.

Good luck.



The answer given by @fliu is correct. The reason that 367 was chosen is that it represents processing data from WRF for one leap year (366 days) plus the day prior (in order to compute the hourly precipitation correctly)…assuming you have daily output.

If you intend to process more than a year of data with daily files, it may be worth running MCIP in different data processing streams. In practice, you easily script MCIP to run for a day at a time over a much longer time period.

Hope this helps.

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