About the AQ_Monthly_Stat_Plot.R

Hello, Can the AQ_Monthly_Stat_Plot.R work well if not use the MySQL? I have tried use the test data with more than 1 year for the AQ_Monthly_Stat_Plot.R, but it doesnot work.Because i must use AMET in our sevice platform, which is not allowed to usd the MySQL.
The following is the log file and the run_monthly_sta_plot.csh.
Thank you very much!
run_monthly_stat_plot.csh (5.7 KB)

month_stas_plot_log.txt (2.0 KB)


Unfortunately, the AQ_Monthly_Stat_Plot.R script does currently require the MySQL database, as the code sends separate queries for each individual month. The AQ_Monthly_Stat_Plot.R is a fairly old code and has not been updated recently. I would most likely opt to simply add the ability to plot additional stats on the time series plots (currently the time series plots can include MB, RMSE, and correlation).


Thank you very much. looking forword to your update for the time series plots.