CAMx/WRF/emission domain configuration

Hi all,

I am using WRFv3.9.1 to create met files for CAMx6.5. My domain is Northeast of China, so the emissions input file are not generated by SMOKE.

I have successfully run emission with the domain specifications below. To consistent with emission CAMx share the same domain defination. i know the WRF domain should bigger than emission and CAMx’s domain, and use WRFCAMx transform the wrfout metdata to CAMx-ready metdata.but I am unclear on some of the specifics. My primary question is: how can i set my WRF domain?inverse, if know wrf domain configuration how to calculate the xorig/yorig of CAMx?

EMIS/CAMx files

  • NCOLS = 65
  • NROWS = 99
  • XCENT = 126
  • YCENT = 42
  • XORIG = -1097000
  • YORIG = -1347000
  • XCELL = 27000
  • YCELL = 27000
  • LAT1 = 36
  • LAT2 = 46
  • STAND_LON = 126

I’m not sure if I’ve described my question clear enough. Please let me know if I should provide more information.


At this time, we do not have an algorithm developed that would do this.
@tlspero @bbaek - do you have any further recommendations on how to approach this?