CMAQ-DMv.4.0.3 Sensitivity output during simulation becomes null value from a certain moment

Hi, Sergey
I got a similar error when I output O3 sensitivities in CMAQ5.0.4.3. I ran two experiments with the same input files, and the simulation period started from September 20th to September 30th. One turned on the online MEGAN and BDSNP, while the other turned it off.
The experiment with MEGAN showed abnormal second-order sensitivity coefficients of O3 to NOX (O3_2EN) at 00:00,September 21. The first-order sensitivity coefficients of O3 to NOX (O3_ENO) also began to be abnormal at 00:00 on the 22nd while such value was normal at 23:00 on the 21st. The second-order sensitivity coefficients of O3 to AVOC\BVOC (O3_2EA\O3_2EB) were normal.

0921 00:00

0921 23:00

0922 00:00

Additionally, the experiment without MEGAN showed null values of O3_ENO and O3_2EN from 5:00 on the 30th whereas the O3_2EA\O3_2EB were always normal.

Here’s the runscript, HDDM control file and the LOG files:
run_cctm_d02_2021.csh (38.4 KB)
run_cctm_d02_2021_n.csh (38.3 KB)
sensinput_CN3GD_megan.txt (402 Bytes)
sensinput_CN3GD_Nmegan.txt (331 Bytes)
CTM_LOG_000.PRD_process_2_d02_mcip5.0_megan_DDM3D_2_20210921.txt (1.2 MB)
CTM_LOG_000.PRD_process_2_d02_mcip5.0_Nmegan_DDM3D_20210930.txt (1.1 MB)
Looking forward to any help.

Runyu Wang

I apologize for the delayed response. Its possible that the issues from both of these users are related and that simulation with MEGAN emissions. I will find some time to run some comparisons with MEGAN locally.