CMAQv5.4 HDDM gives too high second order sensitivity


The second order ozone sensitivity coefficients to NOx and VOC is too high (e.g. -0.0099 ~ 0.4557 ppmV) from CMAQv5.4 HDDM. Second cross 2nd order sensitivity to NOx,VOC is even more higher.

The first order sensitivity looks fine.

I have yet to figure out why. I do wonder if some users have the same issue and how to fix it.

DDM3D options in CMAQ run script can be seen as follows
CMAQ_run_script.txt (972 Bytes)

Please find sensitivity control file and snapshot of the first and second order sensitivity to NOx in the 4-km grid.

sensinput.dat.txt (470 Bytes)

I could not find any references of high order sensitivity test case in CMAQv5.4-DDM-3D Benchmark Tutorial either.

Just in case anyone else had the issue as I did.