Convert input Shapefile

I need help, I tried to convert the shapefile of my highways, however gave error.

Converting from +proj=latlong to +proj=lcc,+lat_1=-16.005,+lat_2=-29.612,+lat_0=-22.809,+lon_0=-43.244
Input file = …/data/mapas/Rodovias_RJ
Output file = …/output/Rodovias_RJ_lcc
Spatial Allocator Version 3.6, 03/10/2009

WARNING: Environment variable: MAX_INPUT_FILE_SHAPES, not set
WARNING: Environment variable: WEIGHT_ATTR_LIST, not set
EV: OUTPUT_FILE_NAME=…/output/Rodovias_RJ_lcc
set data map projection

EV: INPUT_FILE_ELLIPSOID=+a=6378160.00,+b=6378160.00
EV: INPUT_FILE_MAP_PRJN=+proj=latlong
set output map projection

EV: OUTPUT_FILE_ELLIPSOID=+a=6378160.00,+b=6378160.00
EV: OUTPUT_FILE_MAP_PRJN=+proj=lcc,+lat_1=-16.005,+lat_2=-29.612,+lat_0=-22.809,+lon_0=-43.244
read data

EV: INPUT_FILE_NAME=…/data/mapas/Rodovias_RJ
WARNING: Environment variable: MAX_LINE_SEG, not set
MAX_LINE_SEG not set, discretization intervals disabled

Reading Shapefile …/data/mapas/Rodovias_RJ
Shapefile Type: 13 ArcZ # of Shapes: 15231

ERROR in /home/rodrigo/Spatial-Allocator/bin/32bits/allocator.exe: Only Polygon, Line(Arc) or Point shape types are currently supported. Exiting…
0.0u 0.0s 0:00.00 0.0% 0+0k 0+0io 0pf+0w

We will get back to you ASAP. Sorry for the delay.

Baek i need help with this error.

ERROR in /home/rodrigo/Spatial-Allocator/bin/64bits/allocator.exe: Error in projectionPointInt: p.u=HUGE_VAL. Exiting…

The allocator.exe is very old, it may not support some new shapefile features, and EPA is not support new enhancements anymore, ie: it may not work with MultiPolygon, MultiLineString, MultiPoint in shapefiles that we are using currently. allocator.exe only support Polygon, Line, or Point types.
If you have ArcGIS or another GIS tool, you can use it to do shapefile projection transformation.
Sorry about the inconvenience.

ok, so could you tell me which projection to use? because I’ve tried several and I can’t get to the projection generated by MCIP