Crosswalk for GHGRP facilities besides EGU?


I was trying to compare facilities in the NEI to GHGRP self-reported data by category, and I can only find a crosswalk for EGUs – ghgrp_oris_powerplant_crosswalk file (attached). However, I cannot find something that will take other emission sources (e.g., cement?) So that I can better represent large point emitting facilities in non-NEI years, are there any other crosswalks available to help me link the data?

Thank you!

ghgrp_oris_power_plant_crosswalk_12_13_21 (1).xlsx (265.9 KB)

We are wondering why you are looking for a crosswalk because there are emissions inventories available up through 2021?

Do you instead need a pointer to the emissions inventories?

Are you trying to use CEMS data to get the hourly emissions for the large non-EGUs?