Error about running MEGAN3.1

Hi, everyone.
I met an error while running the met2mgn program of MEGAN3.1, which was compiled by PGF90.
Here is the error msg.

…/src/MET2MGN/met2mgn: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I wondered if I need to install libgfortran5? And if it is needed, why the PGF90 compiled Megan version need the gfortran libs?

Looking forward to your reply. Million thanks.
Best regards,

You probably need to have the whole system compiled with pgf90.

What was NetCDF compiled with, for example… ?

Are you on a system that has modules? Try loading the gcc module.

module load gcc

Yes. You are right. While I changed my environment variables (IOAPI, NETCDF, HDF5) to my classmate’s, all compiled by pgf, it worked now.
Thank you very much again!

The sentence does not work for me.

bash: module: command not found…

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.