Error while running MEGAN3.1 test case

I am trying to run the test case for MEGAN and I get the following error when I run a program that converts text files into an ioapi format:

This program uses the EPA-AREAL/MCNC-EnvPgms/BAMS Models-3
I/O Applications Programming Interface, [I/O API] which is
built on top of the netCDF I/O library (Copyright 1993, 1996
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Unidata
Program) and the PVM parallel-programming library (from
Oak Ridge National Laboratory).
Copyright © 1992-2002 MCNC,
© 1992-2018 Carlie J. Coats, Jr.,
© 2003-2012 Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems, LLC, and
© 2014-2019 UNC Institute for the Environment.
Released under the GNU LGPL License, version 2.1. See URL

 for conditions of use.

 ioapi-3.2: $Id: init3.F90 136 2019-10-16 13:57:49Z coats $
 Version with PARMS3.EXT/PARAMETER::MXVARS3= 2048
 netCDF version 4.1.3 of Feb  6 2020 20:19:45 $

 Missing environment variable EXECUTION_ID
 Value for GDNAM3D:  'tceq_12km'
 Value for GDNAM3D:  'tceq_12km'
 Value for RUN_EFS:  F returning FALSE
 Value for RUN_CANTYP:  F returning FALSE
 Value for RUN_LAI:  F returning FALSE
 Value for RUN_W126:  F returning FALSE
 Value for RUN_LDF:  F returning FALSE
 Value for RUN_FERT:  T returning TRUE

 File "GRIDDESC" opened for input on unit:  99

 Value for PROMPTFLAG:  N returning FALSE

 File "FERTTXTF" opened for input on unit:  99

 ERROR: Overflow prevented while parsing line PARSLINE
 First 200 characters of line contents are:

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine PARSLINE
 Formatting problem.

I am not sure what’s wrong since I did not change anything in the input file. Thanks for your help !

There are more fields (comma (etc.) delimited) in the input line than there are output fields into which to put them. Probably an input-data error…

@cjcoats Thanks for your response. The input data did have an extra field between LONG and FERT001 variables (LONG,FERT001). After deleting the extra field, the program run to completion.