'Excessive looping' abort error in subroutine AQCHEM

After the maximum number of iterations was reached on AQCHEM subroutine for one (core number 001) of 176 cores used for CMAQ simulation, I changed the max. iterations from default 60,000 to 100,000 in aqchem.F and recompiled CMAQ and ran it again. Now a new abort error - excessive looping - occurs in the AQCHEM subroutine:

Going back to the original max. iterations reached error,

I am seeing that the two errors took place at the same timestamp in the same cpu! Should I be looking at the mcip and emission file data at 2014192:200000 timestamp for possible errors?

When run on the debug mode, an error in the first hour of the first day of simulation occurs in the standard output:

This is an error I mentioned in another post at 'Could not write CTM_DEPV_DIAG file' error

I could not reach the aqchem.F iterations related error at HH:MM:SS=20:45:00 in the debug mode because another error was caught at 00:00:00 of the day 2014192.

Error in AQCHEM almost always have another ultimate cause. I would advise tracking down and correcting this error in m3dry and see if that corrects the issue in AQCHEM.

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