Extract daily file from monthly MCIP's output


Is there a m3tool could extract daily file from monthly MCIP’s output?

TIA, Xiao

m3xtract will do the job right?

Yes, that’s the tool I would use if I wanted to extract selected time periods, variables, and/or layers from a file.

Thanks for your input!

May you give a look of my code? For some reason, the program isn’t taking my environmental variables. I tried both Julian and calendar date.

What is the error message you are getting?
You might want to give the full path to OFILE, or cd within the script to a particular directory.

In addition, it’s also a good idea to follow this advice in the I/O API documentation before developing scripts:

With the exception of programs designed specifically for manipulating dates and times in scripts (greg2jul, jul2greg, juldiff, julshift, timeshift), these programs are designed for easy interactive use. They begin by displaying a “splash screen” displaying the name, usage, and version for the program, and then prompt the user for the specifications for the program-run. Most of these prompts have default values computed from the metadata in input-file headers; defaults may be accepted by hitting the RETURN key. To develop scripts for them, it is generally best to run them interactively once, recording all the responses you give to the prompts, and then use that information to develop a command-file which redirect into the program within the script.

Thanks for your reply. I used the wrong file (“GRIDBDY2D_201905_txs_4km_hvc.nc” rather than “METCRO2D_201905_txs_4km_hvc_ext.nc”), so my date and time wasn’t read in.

Thank you for the guidance! I will apply it to my future work.