Generate emission inventory from other sources

Hi all,

I want to know if it is possible to generate emission inventory for ptfire simulation with the 2016v1 platform? I notice the inputs were obtained from SMARTFIRE. I am wondering if it is possible to generate the EMISINV and EMISDAY files used in provided script with other wildfire inventory such as FINN? Is there any code can directly generate the ptfire input file with FINN?

Hope to see suggestions. Thanks!


The fire inventories are posted with the platform. Is there a reason you need to regenerate them?

2016 V1 Platform provide fire inventory using Smartfire model but I would like to using finn as input to run SMOKE to for a specific fire case. Is that possible to generate input with FINN?

The non-US inventories (or at least Mexico 0 in some years Canada too) provided with 2016v1 are generated using FINN.

I’m not sure of the exact processing steps used to do the conversion from FINN to the FF10 format.

It sounds like that is what you would need to know?

Thanks for your reply. My plan is to use FINN to generate the input for CONUS as those for Masico and Canada.