Getting NaN when running multiple sensitivity parameters

Hi there,
I am using CMAQv5.2-DDM to calculate the sensitivity, the result is reasonable when I simulate one parameter. But I get ininity and NaN values when the number of sensitivity parameters are more than one. I am confused about this, could you help me?
beijing_2020.csh (27.3 KB)
sensinput_NOx.cmas.txt (228 Bytes)

Which chemical mechanism are you using and which species have unreasonable values?

I am using mechanism b6r3_ae6nvPOA_aq, and all the variables in ASENS output files are unreasonable values. Tthe result of first two days are normal, the error occurres form the third day if I simulate more than one parameter.

This mechanism normally is very stable in DDM application and I don’t remember ever seeing an error like this before where you can run normally for 2 days and then start getting NaNs on the third but only if you run more than 1 parameters.

It is possible you have some kind of memory issue that you run into when you are blowing around bigger arrays. What is your hardware? Does the problem also occur with 2 parameters? I am sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I am not really sure what’s going on.