How to craete BELD5 for another region

I want to run smk_bg.csh (Biogenic), But the BELD5 is not defined for my study area. How can I produce a file like BELD5 for myself?

Could anyone help me?

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There is no one to help me.
No idea!

It has been Thanksgiving weekend here so we are just seeing your post.

We do have tools if your grid is over the continental US and grid size is a multiple of 1km posted here:

What is your grid?

We are working on a tool that would support other grids like 1.33km but it is not quite ready yet.

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Great. Have good days at the end of the year. @eyth.alison

My grid is over Iran country. I want to know how can I prepare a BELD4 or 5 for my case.

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BEIS model won’t work for international countries since the inputs are designed for North America region. I would suggest for you to consider the MEGAN model for your biogenic emissions. You should be able to generate the biogenic emissions for your country.

Ah, this is helpful to know about your grid location. Unfortunately BELD4 and 5 are only available over North America.

MEGAN is an alternative biogenic model that uses data available worldwide.

At the recent CMAS conference a discussion about folding MEGAN into CMAQ.

I can’t recall if that is publicly released yet. We can inquire and write back if there is more information available.

MEGAN will be available as an online biogenic option for the next major release of CMAQ but there is not yet a publicly available version.