Links to the MCIP4.5 or MCIP5.0?

Where can I find the latest MCIP version that can process the WRFv4.5 outputs?
I plan to compile the MCIP from the CMAQv5.4 model download, but, the CMAQ_REPO doesn’t have the bld_mcip.csh in the following directory.

I wonder if the mcip source codes in CMAQ/PREP/mcip/src at CMAQv5.4_14Oct2022 · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub are for the WRF4.5 or later versions?

Thank you for your response in advance.

You can use the MCIP from the following link, which is the newest version I guess:

@tlspero Please correct me if I am wrong.


If you are not doing something special with new features in WRF, then you can use the latest version of MCIP that is part of the CMAQ5.4 release. However, if you are using some of the newer WRF options, then they would not be reflected properly in the written metadata in the file, but they should be ok. There are some issues with the new urban land use categories that may also be problematic.

Try the latest release of MCIP, and if it does not work for you, please write back and I’ll help you get past it.


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To add to the responses above, building MCIP is different from building CCTM and POST tools. There is no MCIP equivalent of the bldit_cctm.csh, bldit_combine.csh etc. build scripts. Instead, to compile MCIP, you work off of the Makefile included in the mcip/src directory and modify it for your environment.

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Thank you All for good leads on the question.


FYI, the MCIP5.4 packaged in the CMAQ5.4 worked for my WRFv4.5 outputs.
Thank you all, Tsengel