MCIP v5.4 error when runing WRF4.4 outputs

Hi all,
I am trying to run MCIP 5.4 with WRF4.4.2 and WPS4.4 output, and I am getting this error:

*** RCODE = NetCDF: Start+count exceeds dimension bound

I checked wrfout_d01* file and there was no LANDUSEF variable, but I set IfGeo = “T” and gave the path of
Thank you!


I need to check on this, but if you’re using MODIS land use, there may be some issues with the addition of the local climate zone (LCZ) supplemental land use categories in the newer versions of WRF. I believe that the traditional way of using MODIS had 21 categories, but the LCZs were changed to use indices 51-61, which I have not yet adjusted MCIP to handle.

This is on my list to address, and I’ll see if I can expedite a solution for you.


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Hi Tanya
Thank you for your reply, and yes I used MODIS land use (MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH). Maybe I need to use a history version of CMAQ like CMAQv3.0 or do you have better advice? Thank you very much.



It will not help you to use an older version of CMAQ here. I need to make the updates to MCIP for the changes that were introduced in WRF. It will probably be next week before I get to it.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi Tanya
Thank you. Wish you all the best.

Hi @Starry. I had similar issues. To solve this issue, I tried to convert LCZ landuse dataset to traditional 3 urban categories used in the WRF model which is also compatible with CMAQ.


Hi Forood
Thank you very much for your suggestion.