Missing input file for 2018gc platform

I am using 2018gc platform and running script “Monthly_area_Q1_livestock_12US1_2018gc_cb6_18j_20210315161542.csh”.
I notice that one of the listed input file is not included in the data I downloaded from https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2018/
Is there anyone know how could I get GSREFTMP_R (should be located as /ge_dat/speciation/spec_parts/gsref_nh3_fert_2014v1_platform_17jan2017_v0.txt ) file listed in the script?

And also the SUB_SEC_SOURCES (/2018gc_cb6_18j/inputs/sa/source_groups_nonroad_gas1_diesel2_18feb2021_v0) for running Monthly_Nonroad_Q2_12US1_2018gc_cb6_18j_20210317141844.csh is missing.