Offline mode of running ptfire, etc

Hi All,
I run WRF/Chem with NEI 2017 processed by SMOKE with the default setting. I downloaded everything from
I want to generate gridded emission files for sectors of “ptfire, CMV, othpt, ptegu, ptnonipm, pt_oilgas, rwc, ptfire_othna” for running WRFChem. I am mainly looking for a setting for generating ptfire cause primary PM2.5 emission is lower in the northwest us.
I was wondering if there are any particular modifications except changing “INLINE_MODE” to “off” and adding SMK_EMLAYS and making it consistent with my met data?

Thanks so much for any suggestions.


Here are some instructions on preparing 3D emissions layered emissions:

To use the existing scripts for 3-D processing, change the following script settings:

  • setenv ELEVPOINT_DAILY “” # affects fires only

  • setenv INLINE_MODE “off”

  • setenv SMK_SPECELEV_YN “N”

  • setenv SMK_EMLAYS , where = the number of layers in your 3-D meteorology. Common settings include 25 and 35.

  • make sure your meteorology as defined by directory_definitions.csh (MET_ROOT) includes layered METCRO3D and METDOT3D files

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Hi Alison,

Thanks so much for your reply. I will make modifications accordingly. I guess the meteorological data are crucial for fire sectors, and I will run ptfire with EPA MCIP outputs to see if there are any improvements or not.


Hi Alison,
Do I need to make those modifications for both of Annual_ptfire_onetime_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh and Annual_ptfire_daily_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh files or just Annual_ptfire_daily_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh?

I’m not sure – I would like for where the environment variables already exist and modify them there.

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I will test it out and post it here.
Thanks so much!

Hi Alison,
I only changed Annual_ptfire_daily_12US1_2017gb_17j.csh, and it worked. Thanks so much.
Do you know where I can find the 2017 ptfire gridded emission files to compare them with mine?

There are some annual and monthly netCDF files of summed emissions here:

The 3D data are aggregated across all layers.

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Hi Alison,
Thanks so much for pointing this out, it is very helpful.
I check the monthly netCDF file of ptfire and found the unit is tons/day. Do I need to multiply the value by 31 to get the total emission of the whole month (say January)?


We actually summed the emissions from each day of the month to get tons in the month

So I can ignore the unit of ton/day and just take the value as the total monthly tons?

If the monthly files say the units are tons/day that is incorrect, and they are actually tons/month, so yes you can ignore tons/day

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Thanks for confirming!

Hi Alison,
I found the hourly gridded rwc emission files (rwc(hourly)) and made a comparison with the monthly aggregated emission (rwc(monthly)). I found the monthly one is higher than the hourly one.
Do you know the reason for the discrepancy?