Questions for SMOKE output file sginlnts_l file and how

Hi all,

I used SMOKE to generate emissions for CMAQ, and I set SMK_SRCGROUP_OUTPUT_YN to Y. The output files I got are:

Now I have some questions that I tried to google them but found no answers:

  1. When setting SMK_SRCGROUP_OUTPUT_YN to Y, I got extra files: sginlnts_l files and source_groups_out files. I wonder what’s the relationship between sginlnts_l files and agts/pgts files. They have the same variables, so i think that sginlnts_l files contains the same emission data as the agts/pgts files, but expressed in another way: have source groups in it, and is not gridded data. If I use agts/pgts files, I should not use the sginlnts files again since the emissions may be double counted.

  2. If sginlnts_l files have the same emission data as agts/pgts files, the dimension of each variable in sginlnts_l file should be the dimension of each variable in agts/pgts files multiplied by the number of source groups. However, as I checked the two kinds of files, my previous guess was not correct. For example, agts_l.nonroad.20100703.1.LOSCA_12KM.ncf has 46 ROWs and 58 COLs. sginlnts_l.nonroad.20100703.1.LOSCA_12KM.ncf has 147577 ROWs and 1 COL. I have 5 source groups for nonroad. 147577>46585, so how is the dimension of sginlnts_l.nonroad.20100703.1.LOSCA_12KM.ncf determined?

  3. How is sginlnts_l file implemented in CMAQ run script? The SMOKE documentation only mentioned that sginlnts_l file is CMAQ-ready Source Apportionment Input Data File. No more other information is provided.

  4. The last question is about CMAQ-ISAM. In CMAQv5.0.2 ISAM page ( CMAQ ISAM Input/Output Data section, it indicates that you can use multiple gridded surface emissions sectors. But in the latest CMAQv5.3, it’s not mentioned any more. So is CMAQ able to read multiple gridded surface emissions? And if yes, how to read multiple surface emissions?

I would appreciate it if anyone can answer any of the question above.


They are inline sources groups files. Unlike other offline sources, those inline sources will be internally processed to grid cells for a better horizontal and vertical representations.
Based on my current knowledge, these inline and offline source grouped emissions files are not supported in the latest CMAQ v5.3. but only by CMAQ v5.0.2 ISAM. It may support in the future.

Thanks! I’m currently using CMAQ v5.0.2. To implement those files, do you know where I should put them in the run.cctm_isam script?