SMOKE compile error

Hello everyone, I want to ask you how I can compile SMOKE 4.8 with gfortran, I have been trying and I get this error:

TO_ARRAYS=1 -DF90=1 -DFLDMN=1 -DFSTR_L=int -DIOAPI_NO_STDOUT=1 -DNEED_ARGS=1 -c /home/francesco/05SMOKE/SMOKE/subsys/smoke/src/lib/alocatbl.f

Error: Expected an initialization expression at (1)
make: *** [Makefile:348: alocatbl.o] Error 1

Please could you help me, thank you very much

In your ioapi/fixed_src/ directory, is there an ampersand ("&") at the end of line 104 in PARMS3.EXT? If so, delete it (the line should end with a blank).

( The I/O API itself follows the Fortran Standard in its source format (which has two variants, the “fixed” and “free” forms), and uses the Standard-suggested “both-form” source format for its INCLUDE-files. Both SMOKE and CMAQ use a non-Standard-conforming “fixed-132” format; the ioapi/fixed_src/ INCLUDE-files are hacked from the “normal” ones to fit with this “fixed-132” format. Sadly, for a short time there was a typo in PARMS3.EXT that defeated the fixed-132 hack. Consequently, you need to remove that line-104/column-80 ampersand from this file,
letting this line end with a blank.)

Thanks very much, the compilation was successful