Spatial Plots with only one State


I was wondering if it is possible to have just the data for one state shown in the spatial plots. I know the timeseries scripts in AMET allow to you use “setenv AMET_ADD_QUERY “and s.state=‘UT’”” to specify a subset of data for one state but this same command does not appear to work the spatial scripts.


Hi Zach,

So, when you use the same state criteria (e.g. s.state=“UT”) you get data for states other than Utah plotted as well? Or, do you mean the plot includes states other than Utah but only data for Utah is plotted? If you’re getting data for other states, that’s a problem. That criteria should apply the same in the spatial plots as it does in the time series plots.

If you mean that the plot includes other states but without data, than that is simply a result of the R plotting. But I’m going to assume you mean you’re getting data for states other than Utah, in which case, we’ll need to figure out why.

Please confirm exactly what’s going on and then we can go from there. Thanks.



Thanks for responding. I was seeing data plotted for other states in the spatial plots. However I restarted the computer due to another issue and the problem seems to have resolved itself as s.state=“UT” is not working. I will let you know if it comes up again.