2007 SMOKE Platform error


When I want to run “othar”, “othpt”, “ptipm_one time”, and “ptnonipm_one time” sectors of the 2007 SMOKE platform, an error occurs regarding the memory issue. An unusual amount of memory is needed to allocate. I don’t know what’s the problem. I attached the picture of the error and log files.

smkinven_ptnonipm_2007ee_v5_07c.txt (6.1 KB) timelog_ptnonipm_2007ee_v5_07c_12US1_onetime.txt (101 Bytes)

Hmmmm… That is weird why they run into this kind of memory segmentation fault but it is a very old version of SMOKE v3.1. You should try to update your Smkinven to a newer version like 3.7 to see whether the issue you are having was a bug that has been fixed in newer version or not. To use the newer version, you can simply replace Smkinven executable with a newer version in your current $SMK_BIN (SMOKE executables location).

Yes, the problem was regarding the executable files. @eyth.alison sent me the compiled executables and problem is resolved.

I wanted to note that some of the older temporal profile formats don’t work with SMOKE 3.7, so SMOKE 3.1 still had to be used – just another version of the executables was neeed.