2016 Modeling beta 1 feedback for AK

  1. Comments to O&G- NONPOINT 2016 (2019 March Released Beta Data)
    1.*FIPS 02090. There is one oil and gas source in this FIPS code. The last column in the table below is the reported data from the operator for 2014. These figures are approximately ½ of what EPA notes
    2…FIPS 02170. There are no oil and gas sources in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.
  2. FIPS 02122. In 2015, AK underreported all sector emissions in nonpoint, less than 100 tons. General permits, and other minor source permits were not included. Even so, EPA emissions tend to align with our the State’s totals with the exception of VOCs. Please note the difference from ADEC and EPA’s numbers
    1. FIPS 0-2185. See note above about under reporting. There are some big differences between EPA and DEC values. EPA report notes twice as much CO and PM10. AK value for SO2 is almost 4 times larger. EPA VOC is grossly larger.
  1. Comments for 2016 BETA Fire Data:
    Upon review of the available 2016 Beta fire data that has been uploaded to the EPA website, a number of errors were identified by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Many of these errors came up before in the 2017 data and were already communicated to Rao Venkatesh at the EPA. Many of the errors have to do with acreage figures used by the EPA to calculate fire emissions. In most cases, the acreage figures included in the 2016 BETA datasets do not match up with the figures that ADEC has in its acreage burn figures. Most of the acreage is underestimated by at least a few hundred acres. All figures were checked against data in ADEC databases.
    We have included the reviewed dataset and used highlights to identify where the data discrepancies were identified. A yellow highlight identifies datasets that match up, while a red highlight identifies a dataset with a discrepancy in acreage counts. Those datasets highlighted in orange were fires not included in the EPA’s 2016 beta fire data. There are a number of very small fires (~0.1 acres) not included in the EPA’s datasets, as well as large prescribed fires which did not end up in the EPA’s datasets.
    Among these fires not included was the Berry Creek Fire (1676 acres), the 2016 Louise Creek fire (3131.8 acres), and the Camp Creek Fire (1256.6 acres). There were several large prescribed fires, including the 3500 acre Stuart Creek Prescribed and 1554 acre 2016 JBER Prescribed fire, that were not included in these datasets as well.
    In addition to this, emissions totals for PM2.5 did not match up between the datasets. By the EPA figures, Alaska emitted some 499,001.9 tons of PM2.5 from its 2016 wildfire season. However, according to ADEC’s estimates the state emitted approximately 238,878 tons of PM2.5 from wildfires in the state. Even if these emissions are split in half, to reflect doubling of emissions counts to reflect different vegetation listings in the excel file, emissions are estimated at 249,500.95 tons. This is a ten thousand ton difference between ADEC and EPA’s emissions figures.
    Please check with Rao Venkatesh for our response to the 2017 fire data and apply those concerns to the 2016 dataset as well.

  2. Comments on 2016 Moves hoteling info.
    Alaska has many census areas that are not on a major highway system and for which hoteling does not occur. The 2016 Beta list should delete the following for long haul hoteling emissions:
    02050 Alaska Bethel CA
    02105 Alaska Hoonah-Angoon CA
    02110 Alaska Juneau City + Borough
    02130 Alaska Ketchikan Gateway
    Alaska Northwest Arctic
    02198 Alaska Pr of Wales-Hyder CA
    02220 Alaska Sitka Borough
    02261 Alaska Valdez-Cordova CA
    02270 Alaska Wade Hampton CA

  3. Point EGU
    AK submitted EGU sources last fall and assume the sources are included in the EGU list.

  4. Rail
    AK submitted rail data for 2016 and assumes the data is on this list.

  5. Non-noad
    Nonroad emissions for certain sectors are not applicable in some census areas.
    FIPS County Non-existent Sector/s
    2013 Aleutians East Agriculture, logging, railway maintenance
    2016 Aleutians West Agriculture, logging, railway maintenance
    2050 Bethel railway maintenance
    2060 Bristol Bay Borough Railway maintenance
    2070 Dillingham Agriculture, railway maintenance
    2100 Haines Borough Railway maintenance
    2105 Hoonah-Angoon Railway maintenance
    2110 Juneau Railway maintenance
    2130 Ketchikan Railway maintenance
    2150 Kodiak Railway maintenance
    2164 Lake & Peninsula Railway maintenance
    2180 Nome Railway maintenance, agriculture, logging
    2185 North Slope Borough Railway maintenance, agriculture, logging
    2188 NW Arctic Railway maintenance, agriculture, logging
    2195 Pertersburg Railway maintenance
    2198 Prince of Wales Railway maintenance
    2220 Sitka Railway maintenance
    2240 SE Fairbanks Railway maintenance
    2261 Valdez-Cordova Railway maintenance
    2270 Kusilvak Railway maintenance
    2275 Wrangell Railway maintenance
    2282 Yakutat Railway maintenance

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