2016 NEI v1 emission modeling platform: libiomp5.so cannot be found

Hi all,

I downloaded 2016 NEIv1 whole package from EPA FTP. I’ve setup the dir structure based on emf scripts, but encounter following error:
/usr/apps/edss/2016/v1/2016emissions//smoke4.7/Linux2_x86_64ifort/normbeis3: error while loading shared libraries: libiomp5.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I understand this means the precompiled SMOKE in EPA package needs openmp, and we do not have openmp installed on our machine. However, I remember EPA included static compiled SMOKE in previous emission platform package, so those exe would not look for openmp lib (I maybe wrong, but this is based on my v6.2 or v6.3 experience).

If this is true, can EPA provide static compiled SMOKE4.7? or can we just use static compiled SMOKE 3.6 from NEI v6.2 to run NEI 2016v1?

If all these are not available, we will build our SMOKE 4.7 or openmp.

Thank you.

Joey Huang

Yes, OpenMP is optional but it is now based on how IOAPI library is compiled. if OpenMP is now default in IOAPI compilation flag, SMOKE will share the same compilation flags from IOAPI Makeinclude.Linux… file for the consistency. If you were able to compile IOAPI without OpenMP, you should be able to compile SMOKE without any modification in your Makeinclude. Please double check your IOAPI and SMOKE Makeinclude files.
However, if you want the statically compiled SMOKEv4.7, you can optionally download the ones from CMAS website and replace them with it.

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Thanks BH for pointing out there are statically compiled versions on CMAS web site.
Statically linked won’t necessarily work on all machines, but that is a good place to start.
EPA will post a statically compiled version zip file within the next few days as well:



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