2017 NEI onroad representative counties

Hi @eyth.alison et al.,

I downloaded 2017 onroad representative counties from EPA ftp

and CDB from

and found the representative counties are not consistent in the xlsx spread sheet and in the CDB
Here are some examples:
in the CDB we have 08014, 08099, 08123 as representative counties for Colorado

However, these three counties are not the representative counties based on the spread sheet

also if we look into Maryland
24023 and 24033 are not in representative counties spread sheet, but they are listed in CDB. 24021 and 24035 are in representative counties spread sheet, but they are not listed in CDB

And we know the VMT and VPOP CDB for representative counties are the VMT and VPOP for the entire group, so how can I use the VMT and VPOP in CDB for 8014, 8099, 8123, 8035, 8043, 8031.

And how to handle the CDB for Maryland.

Also, representative counties in PA, NC, RI are not consistent between data and spreadsheet as well.

Thank you!

Hi Joey,

The rep counties for EQUATES (from the MOVES3 directory) are not the same ones we used for 2017NEI (in the 2017/reports/onroad location).

If you are trying to run MOVES3, you would use the ones from EQUATES. If you are working with 2017NEI, you’d use the ones from the emismod/2017 area.

The EQUATES rep counties are here: https://gaftp.epa.gov/air/emismod/MOVES3/EQUATES_Representative_Counties_Analysis_20201009.xlsx

And should match up with the CDBs you downloaded from the MOVES3 area.

Let us know if you have more questions…