"4-panel" plot for emission data QA

four_panel_emission_inventory_qa_plotter.20211122.py (21.4 KB)

This script generates “4-panel” plots that can be used to review two emission scenarios. The script will produces PNG files and PDF files for each category for each pollutant. Users can control what to plot by changing the list of category-pollutant pairs in the code. This specific script is for reviewing 2016 MJO Emissions Modeling Platform V2.

Users will need to have two sets of inputs.

  1. Emission summary file: The code is expecting a csv file that is based on what Alison Eyth at EPA prepared for states, local, and MJOs:
    After downloading Excel file, users will need to do minor edits and save the file as a “csv” file. The minor edit is to copy the 2016fh emission values from County FIPS 46113 to County FIPS 46102 for the column “2016fh”.

  2. Shapefiles from TIGER: The code is expecting two shapefiles that are based on US Census Tiger files for counties and states. Users will need to perform projections so that the final shapefiles are in WGS84.
    In the code these updated shapefiles are named as

As of now, the code is not really optimized for the performance. If anyone ends up improving the code, I would like to ask to share the updated version in this Forum.

If I have time, I will update the code to use cartopy since basemap in Matplotlib is not supported anymore.