Add a new heterogeneous reaction that only happens with sunlight

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In mech_cb6r3_ae7_aq.def, I notice that # 1.0/<> (such as # 1.0/<HONO_IUPAC10>) indicates that the corresponding reaction only happens with sunlight and # 1.0~<> (such as # 1.0~<HETERO_NO2>) indicates that the corresponding reaction is a heterogeneous reaction of which the rate constant is defined in AEROSOL_CHEMISTRY.F. I have a question that how I can add a heterogeneous reaction that only happens with sunlight in mech_cb6r3_ae7_aq.def? Do I also need to modify CSQY data file in addition to AEROSOL_CHEMISTRY.F?
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I do not know exactly what you wish to accomplish but the model codes do not support heterogeneous rate constants that depend on sunlight. Also, model documentation does not have information on how to accomplish the task.

If you just want a heterogeneous rate constant to have a binary switch for a grid cell’s sunlight, work could modify AEROSOL_CHEMISTRY.F and the chemistry driver such as hrdriver.F or rbdriver.F. In AEROSOL_CHEMISTRY.F, the HETCHEM_RATES subroutine needs a logical array argument for grid cells’ level of sunlight. In the chemistry driver, this logical array has to be declared at initialization and set at each timestep.

The above work does not require a new CSQY_DATA file but you may want to accomplish something different than outlined above.

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