AERO process in Process Analysis

Hi, all!

I have some questions about process analysis in CMAQ version 5.3.1.

I think ‘AERO’ process is meaning contribution of gas-phase chemical reaction.

But I confirmed that the minimum value of ‘AERO_ASO4I’ in my simulation represented negative value.

I want to know why negative value can be shown in AERO process.

And If my thinking (AERO process means gas-phase chemical reaction) is wrong, then how I can get contribution of gas phase chemical reaction in process analysis??

I hope that I get answers from you.

Thank you.

HyeonYeong Park

Hi HyeonYeong,

There was a bug in process analysis for aerosols introduced in v5.3. It is resolved in v5.3.3 – see Release Note 15 here (CMAQ/ at 5.3.3+ · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub).
Do you still get negative values with this corrected version?

Best wishes,
Ben Murphy

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