Amet ioapi_isph

Hi @wyat.appel et al.,

I am using AMET 1.3 to evaluate CMAQ outputs, in the sitex script

  ## Projection sphere type (use type #19 to match CMAQ)
  setenv IOAPI_ISPH 20

However, in github AMET/tools_src/sitecmp at master · USEPA/AMET · GitHub, the line is slightly different,

 IOAPI_ISPH  projection sphere type (use type #20 to match WRF/CMAQ)
             (ioapi default is 8)

So I am slightly confused now, should I use 20 or 19 here?

Thank you!


Your confusion is certainly justified. Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency in the AMET comments. The assumed correct projection to use for site compare is 20.

I will update the AMET comments in the next release to remove the reference to the type #19 projection.

Thanks again for pointing this out.


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