Analyzing CMAQ outputs (ACONC + DEP) by AMET

Dear all;

Thank you for all your help and great inputs. I have gathered my CMAQ outputs out of 3-d simulation in 2014. Now I am going to install AMET for AQ analysis.

  1. If I want to analyze the averaged concentration and deposition outputs, do I need to have all three Tiers software in order to perform AQ analysis using AMET?

  2. Is AMET running better with Windows or Linux environment? The test case of AMET package is huge which is about 35 GB and I downloaded it to my HPC for now because it is very big.

Can you give me some recommendation about AMET AQ analysis? Appreciate it!


Hi Yijia,

Thanks for your interest in using AMET for your analysis. Let me see if I can answer your questions.

  1. Ideally, to get full functionality out of AMET, you should have available on your system Fortran (for compiling combine and site compare), MySQL for data storage and access, and R for data access and analysis. As of AMETv1.4b, the AQ analysis no longer requires the MySQL database in order to function. Instead, the comma separated text files from site compare can be read and analyzed directly, without the use of the database. So, you could skip installing MySQL and invoke the option to read the csv files directly. However, there are still several AMET-AQ scripts that will not work without the querying ability the database provides, so keep that in mind. But most of the base functionality will exist.
  1. AMET was designed and tested for Linux. As such, we only support it for use in the Linux environment. That being said, I have heard in the past of people using AMET in a windows environment. This is possible once you’ve done the model to observation pairing with site compare, since both MySQL and R work in the windows environment. However, I’ve never done testing of AMET in windows, so I can’t offer much advice there.

As for your question about AMET-AQ analysis, I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking. AMET comes with an array of analysis scripts that can be run individually (e.g. scatter plots, spatial plots, time series plots). There is also batch script that comes with the AMET-AQ that will run a suite of the AMET analysis scripts automatically in batch mode. That may be a good place to start, and from there you can tailor your analysis to your needs.

Hopefully that answers your specific questions and gets you started. Let me if you have any other questions along the way.


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Thank you for responding and explaining, Wyat! I am getting all the prerequisites ready and will let you know if I have any issues. Appreciate it!