CMAQ 5.4 layer extraction option

The emission data we use in our CMAQ simulation has 6 layers in the vertical direction (all near-surface); we need the WRF to provide the meteorological conditions of these six layers; In our old version (CMAQv5.2.1) we could extract these layers in CMAQ but in the newer version of the CMAQ (CMAQ5.4) has canceled the function of extracting vertical layers…Is this true or has the function been modified somehow or why?..

There were some significant changes made to how emissions data were processed in version 5.3, including the Detailed Emissions Scaling, Isolation, and Diagnostics (DESID) module and the Centralized Input/Output (CIO) module. These are described in the [release notes].(CMAQ/DOCS/Release_Notes/ at 5.3 · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub)
What was the procedure you used in CMAQv5.2.1 that is not working in CMAQv5.4? Did you modify the code in some way?

Thanks for your response so much!

In CMAQv5.2.1, I can set or extract the vertical layers(or called layer collapsing cuz we only need to use the near-surface six layers of WRF outcome) in MCIP, like the following (run_mcip.csh)

set CTMLAYS = “1.000, 0.993, 0.983, 0.97, 0.954, 0.934, 0”

But in CMAQv5.4, I can’t see the settings for the vertical layer in run_mcip.csh.

I am quite confusing… Did you take out that feature in the version upgrade?

This was a change made to MCIP. See this thread.

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