CMAQ Fortran code compiling: POA VBS input scaling factors please help!

Dear expert,

I want to know the calculation logic of CMAQ V5.2.
Specifically, I would like to know the names of some variables that hold the hourly (if every timestep is better) calculation results of all pollutants in CMAQ to be output.

As far as I know, the CCTM final output results (e.g. were written by hours. So I want to calculate the hourly output result in advance during CMAQ calculation, and then use that result to modify the variable name: POA_AMF in AERO_DATA.F line 313 (CMAQ v5.2). So that the value of POA_AMF used in next hour calculation could be changed.

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me. How to find the location of the variable names in the Fortran scripts that standing for the final hourly calculation results (e.g. Temperature and PM25_OM in every layer, grid).