CMAQv5.3.1 Release (December 2019)

Announcing the minor release of CMAQ version 5.3.1

The U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development and the Community Modeling and Analysis System Center are pleased to announce the release of CMAQ version 5.3.1

CMAQ model version 5.3.1 is a minor update to CMAQv5.3 that includes multiple bug fixes to both CMAQ and MCIP (released as MCIP version 5.1), as well as a feature addition to the Detailed Emission Scaling Isolation and Diagnostic (DESID) module to allow for the definition of chemical, region and stream families.

Download the source code and scripts, and access all documentation for this release from the USEPA GitHub repository,

Two-day and two-week test data for CMAQ version 5.3.1 are available from the CMAS Data Warehouse.

Metadata for input data:
Metadata for output data:

Full set of 2016 model inputs for the continental US available from the CMAS Data Warehouse,

Please report any bugs or problems with this release to the CMAS User Forum,

Additional user support, including training courses and other CMAS-supported products is available through the CMAS Center website:

Is the CMAQv5.3.2 formally out? I may have seen a version of it on some github page other than the official EPA github page recently.

Hi Skunwar,
No, 5.3.2 is not out yet. We will post an announcement when it is ready.