CMAQv5.3.2-ISAM OM species and weird result

Hi all,
I’m curious about why the ISAM did not calculate the contributions to some of POM species and SOM species, which cause the sum of contributions from IC/BC, experiment setup and other sources to PM2.5 were not equal to base concentration from CONC file (even if I only calculate I and J mode).

Will it be updated in future versions of ISAM?
Is it reasonable if I revise the SA_DEFN.F to add the tagged species?
I know this revision will cost more simulation time, but it seems more reasonable if I want to know the contributions to PM2.5.

However, the results from ISAM with revised OM species were weird.
My experiment design was tracking all emission sources (set to EVERYWHERE) from one grided emission file. The ICON/BCON were from larger domain.
The upper figure shows the base concentration of AORGCJ in 10th day. The lower figure shows the contribution of BCON to AORGCJ. ISAM calculated very high value. And, ICON had similar pattern. I don’t know what caused this error?


We had another similar result of OTHR contribution to ASO4I in recent work. (did not revised the OM species)
Does anyone have this problem?