How to get total pm10/pm25 from cmaq v5.4_isam output


I’ve trackeck PM_TOT tagged species using CMAQv5.4_ISAM, however I am wondering what species should be summed to get total PM25/PM10 and how can I get PM2.5/PM10 portions from isam results. There are species for each mode (aitken,accumulation, and coarse) but I could not find the PM2.5 and PM10 fractions in cmaq_sa files. Would it be correct to use FPM25AIT,FPM25ACC, and FPM25COR from AELMO files? thanks for your help in advance

Yes, you can use these cutoff variables from the AELMO files. For the aggregation of the individual PM species to total PM mass, you can use the SpecDef files released with the previous version of CMAQ (CMAQv5.3.3) as guidance. You may also find the related discussion in this other recent thread helpful.

Hi Nosha,

Which compiler and which version did you use?
I also want to track PM species but have never run a case successfully :smiling_face_with_tear:


Hi Liu,

I am using v5.4, with intel compiler and MPI.

Hi christian,

Thank you very much.

I’ve just seen your other post about the issue you are having with ISAM for pm_tot tracking. FYI information I use intel version 2019.4 compiler.

I don’t have access to this version. Thank you anyway.