CMAS Data Warehouse

Hi… what is the procedure for downloading multiple from the CMAS Data Warehouse? I was looking for a procedure and I couldn’t find the link to it.

EQUATESv1.0: Emissions, WRF/MCIP, CMAQv5.3.2 Data – 2002-2017 US_12km and NHEMI_108km - CMAS Data Warehouse (

To download multiple files from equates, sample download scripts have been provided.

The scripts require gdrive.
The link for instructions on how to install gdrive is available here:

Sample scripts to download equates data.

The above scripts will download data for the benchmark case described in the available here:

Thank you very much!

One more question: apologies if i missed it - where can I find the 10-day spin up data for December 2015? for equates data?

Hi Abi,

Spin-up data for EQUATES can obtained as follows:
December 2015 Meteorology:
December 2015 ICBCs:
2015 Emissions:

Note the ICs have been provided for the 1st and 15th day of each month, so you can start from Dec. 16 and run until Dec. 31 for 16 days of spinup. Please refer to the example benchmark run script for an example (EQUATES_BENCHMARK/run_cctm_2017_12US1_EQUATES.csh at main · lizadams/EQUATES_BENCHMARK · GitHub)


Thanks you for this Liz! Very much appreciated!