Request to add 2019-11 data to AWS (Hemispheric CMAQ daily average 3D concentrations for 44 layers and 260 species)

Hi, I’m using EQUATES background data for some SCICHEM runs. I have been using 2018 data and am now expanding to include 2019 for comparison.

I’ve attempted to download these from google drive with little success. After switching to the AWS server, I’ve downloaded all files successfully except for 2019-11, which is missing. It is present on the CMAS google drive, but has failed to download for me 4 times now.

Would it be possible to upload this file to AWS for download? I’ll persist in my google drive download attempts but AWS hosting might save others the trouble in the future.

Link to the google drive:
Folder: 2018 - Google Drive

Link to the AWS:

Thanks very much for your time and support.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for letting me know that it was missing on AWS Open Data Warehouse. I will upload it now.