Compatibility Between Input Files

I was hoping to use newer RWC data (NEI 2020) as the RWC input file to run SMOKE 4.6. I have modified input files in the past to scale or zero out sectors for sensitivities, but when the speciation script scpmat runs, it fails with a bunch of errors regarding NONHAPVOC:

ERROR: No speciation cross-reference available (and no default) for:
Region: _____

I was wondering if it is possible to run SMOKE with a different RWC input file, as I am currently attempting.

And here is the log file:

spcmat_rwc_2016ff_16j_cmaq_cb6.txt (7.1 MB)

Have you tried a more recent version of SMOKE to see if it makes a difference?

Have you tried running with the script and files that were provided with the 2020 platform?

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Based on the spcmat log it looks like there is a mismatch between the inventory and ancillary data. It is typically necessary to pair emissions inventories from a specific platform, such as the 2020 modeling platform, with the ancillary data and parameters provided in the platform package.

Ancillary data and scripts from the 2020 platform are available from the FTP site linked from the platform website:
At a minimum I recommend retrieving the speciation data ( and the core scripts (

In the 2020 RWC script the SMK_PROCESS_HAPS value should be set to β€œALL”. The GSREF, GSCNV, and GSPRO will all need to be updated with the versions in the speciation package, identified in the RWC core script. SMOKE 5.0 is included in the core package and is the only version tested the modeling platform. You may or may not be able to process the platform scripts with SMOKE 4.6.
After making these updates please wipe out your existing rwc sector intermediate files and rerun from the beginning.

The 4km CONUS spatial surrogates are available from the 2020 platform FTP:

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