Compiling camx2ioapi program

Hi all,

I am trying to compile camx2ioapi program and I am getting errors with first couple lines below:

pgf90 -I/home/ec2-user/utilities/ioapi -mcmodel=medium -O2 -Mdalign -Mnoframe -byteswapio -Bstatic_pgi -c camx2ioapi.f
pgf90 -mcmodel=medium -O2 -Mdalign -Mnoframe -byteswapio -Bstatic_pgi -o camx2ioapi camx2ioapi.o -L/home/ec2-user/utilities/Linux2_x
/home/ec2-user/utilities/Linux2_x86_64pg/libioapi.a(init3.o): In function init3_': /home/ec2-user/utilities//ioapi/init3.F90:168: undefined reference tonf_inq_libvers_’
/home/ec2-user/utilities/Linux2_x86_64pg/libioapi.a(open3.o): In function open3_': /home/ec2-user/utilities//ioapi/open3.F90:491: undefined reference tonf_close_’
/home/ec2-user/utilities/Linux2_x86_64pg/libioapi.a(opnfil3.o): In function opnfil3_': /home/ec2-user/utilities//ioapi/opnfil3.F90:145: undefined reference tonf_open_’
/home/ec2-user/utilities//ioapi/opnfil3.F90:158: undefined reference to nf_get_att_int_' /home/ec2-user/utilities//ioapi/opnfil3.F90:167: undefined reference tonf_get_att_int_’
/home/ec2-user/utilities//ioapi/opnfil3.F90:183: undefined reference to `nf_inq_varid_’

The rest of the errors are pretty much similar. I successfully built netcdf and IOAPI. I generated libioapi.a and got m3tools programs. I am not sure why I am getting this error. I am using pgf compiler on Linux2_x86_64 platform. I used the the following command to build IOAPI:

make -d BIN=Linux2_x86_64pg CPLMODE=nocpl INSTALL=/home/ec2-user/utilities

What am I missing ?

See I suspect that you didn’t build netCDF as recommended, and you need to run
nc-config --libs
nf-config --libs
to see what to doi