Cost/EMF installation error

Good Evening team.
I m trying to install CosT Software but at the last stage its showing error
Can someone help me please.
Thanks sincerly

For troubleshooting the server component of the EMF, you’ll need to locate the logs that get written to the Apache Tomcat installation directory, which is C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\logs\ by default. In this directory, the catalina.log file would have relevant records to starting up the EMF server application.

Doing some testing, I get the same client error if there is a problem with the database connection that the EMF server uses. Possible problems:

  • the Postgres service isn’t running
  • issues with the credentials used to access the EMF database
  • the EMF database didn’t get initialized properly during the installation process

If you make any changes to the database side of things, make sure to stop and restart the Apache Tomcat service so the EMF server application reconnects to the database.