Create new sector "pt_ag_livestock" from ptagfire

Greetings to you all;

I am currently working on CMAQ modeling of precursor gases (i.e., ammonia) to secondary inorganic PM. Right now, I am trying to run 2014 NEI platform to generate emission input of agricultural ammonia from livestock.

Dr.Baek suggested me to treat the farm-level ammonia emissions as point data. The way I am doing right now is copying both input and script from ptagfire to the forms desired, which I call it pt_ag_livestock. In other words, I formatted my pt_ag_livestock input files exactly same to the format of ptagfire, including EMISINV_A, EMISDAY_B, and EMISDAY_A. And I changed the sector parameters settings in the running script. I have not run it successfully yet, but I am working on it right now.

I am stuck at how to create the temporal allocation file for my pt_ag_livestock. Honestly, I don’t know what the assigned values mean in the temporal file named amptref_general_2014platform_tref_ptagfire_24aug2018_nf_v3. I read a couple of related documents, but still can’t figure out how the values in the last column is generated. Could you please direct me to some places that help me understand the temporal profile and create my own?

Thank you very much!

Yijia Zhao

You can find out how the cross-reference file works to assign the set of profiles to a source.

For temporal allocation, here is the detail information: