Temporal Settings Used in EPA 2016v2 Modeling Platform


I have been reading the Technical Support Document of 2016v2 Emission Inventory https://www.epa.gov/system/files/documents/2022-02/2016v2_emismod_tsd_february2022.pdf

Table 3-20 ( page 113) has temporal settings used for the sectors in SMOKE.

I have some confusion understanding temporal settings: For example,

for “airports” sector the temporal approach is “week” and “processed holidays as separate days”

so, I can see for January 2016, the files are available at following dates (attached file)
2026fj_16j_12US1_premerged_airports.tar.gz.list.txt (14.9 KB)

20160101, 20160102, 20160104, 20160105, 20160106, 20160107, 20160108, 20160109, 20160110

------ 20160101 is a federal holiday, 20160102 is Saturday, 20160103 is sunday which is missing here (I guess I can use 20160110 file which is Sunday as representative ), 20160109 is Saturday.

I have two saturday’s file ( 20160102 and 20160109), If I want to create files for days for rest of the month, which Saturday file to use?
Also, Januray 18 is a federal holiday. Is that mean, I have to use January 01 file for the januray 18?

Similarly, for march 2016: There are two files for Friday (20160311 and 20160325) and two files for Saturday ( 20160312 and 20160326).

Basically, for running an air quality model such as CAMx/CMAQ, I am trying to create one file for each day from a representative day file.

Could anyone help me understanding the pattern? How to create files for every day from this representative temporal setting file? Is there any script to do that?

Thanks in advance

There are scripts for merging the appropriate days of each month, and instructions available for running them in the _info.txt file.

See: https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2016/v2/

And specifically:



the contents of which are here:


The smk_merge_dates files help accomplish this task along with the holidays file for 2016.

The holidays file is part of this file:


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