Creating GRIDMASK File in order to use EDGAR data for a certain region of Northern Hemisphere

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I am trying to create a GRIDMASK file for a region in Northern Hemisphere in order to use EDGAR Emission Data for that region. I have been following the instructions given in “Hemispheric Modeling Support in SMOKE” document (Hemispheric Modeling Support and Development - Google Docs).
I followed all of the steps for creating GRIDMASK file but I do not know how to implement the final step which is “Convert the csv file to I/O API-netCDF GRIDDED3 format on the native inventory grid (e.g., lat lon for EDGAR).”
Can anyone point me towards a starting point from which I can understand what I should do?
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I believe that you would use the m3fake utility program from I/O API. I am inquiring with a few others to hopefully obtain more details.

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