Description of SMOKE output variables in merged files (emis_mol_all*)

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I have a relatively basic question, so I’m sorry for how simple this may seem, but I have been analyzing the smoke merged output files (so like the emis_mol_all files) and I cannot find the long-form description of the variables that are in those output files. I’m using smoke 2016 beta patform which uses smokev4.6. Also I am using cb6. Do the smoke output files use the cmaq cb6 species definition file or is it another file?

Also more specifically, looking at the PM species, is it ok to summarize the total sum of fine particulates from the emissions file = ‘PMC’+‘PEC’,+PMN’+‘PMOTHR’? Or are there other variables?

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Look in the TSD:

Section 3.2 is on speciation. See Table 3-26