Different year for CEM/ptegu emissions

I’m using the EPA’s 2016 alpha platform to process emissions. My simulated time period is over the summer of 2018. I’d like to know how to download and format the 2018 CEM data from the EPA Air Markets as inputs instead. It seems I’ll need the FF10 egucems* files, a “cemsum” file, and HOUR_UNIT files for each month I want to simulate. What is the recommended approach?

Hi, the beta platform is available now and has more updated data for many sectors.

The inputs for that platform and documentation are here:

The 2018 CEMS data are here:

Go to the Prepackaged Data tab and go to the bottom to find the data in SMOKE format.

Keep in mind that the annual inventory is 2016 and there could be retirements and other changes in the operation of the sources between 2016 and 2018.

Thank you @eyth.alison!