Empty US surrogates using SurrogateToolsDBz

Hi. I am trying to run SurrogateToolsDB for my second WRF domain (D02). The domain contains part of the US.

I successfully run the quickstart. However, when I wanted to apply the same methodology to my domain, it generates empty surrogates. I think the issue is related to the projection.

Here is my create_900300.sql, which is creating the projection file

Here is my GRIDDESC
’ ’
2 44.450 45.450 -118.000 -118.000 47.000
’ ’
‘LamCon-UTSTAND’ -558000.000 -18000.000 9000.000 9000.000 61 64 1
’ ’

Could anyone help on this?

Thanks in advance,

After you created your new projection, what steps did you take to generate the surrogates? Right now, the SurrogateToolsDB scripts don’t have particularly convenient ways to swap the projection so you basically have to run things from scratch.

When the shapefiles are loaded in, part of the processing is to convert the geometries to the target projection. The target projection is specified in the load_shapefile_reproject_multi.quickstart.csh script in the line

set srid=900921

You’ll also need to update the generate_modeling_grid.sh script to load in your grid details. Unfortunately, this isn’t yet integrated with the GRIDDESC file.

Thanks cseppan,

I reloaded every shapefiles with the new srid code (900300). Then, I generated the modeling grid using the information I had in GRIDDESC. Also, in the control variable namelist file, I changed the srid code. Is there any other steps which I should follow?

Next steps would be to review the log files to check for any errors. You can also check the tables that have been created in the database to confirm that the geometry fields have been converted to your new projection.