EPA 2016v1 SMOKE run output for CMAQ model SPIN UP period

I have set up 2016v1 SMOKE run using ftp://newftp.epa.gov/air/emismod/2016/v1/smoke_2016v1_platform_core_04feb2020.zip and https://views.cira.colostate.edu/iwdw/RequestData/Default.aspx?pid=NEIC_2016_V1. And successfully run ‘ptegu’ sector for 2028fh1_16j.
In the ‘ptegu’ sector, there are two different runs ‘ptegu_summer’ and ‘ptegu_winter’. I have successfully run both sectors and cross checked my output vs EPA output.

However, In the EPA output there are emission files for the CMAQ/CAMx spin up run Capture

But my run using this script (same as EPA )ADEQ_Annual_ptegu_daily_winter_12US1_2028fh1_16j.txt.txt (7.5 KB) didn’t create those files because of time setting I guess.
So I tried to run the script only for 20151222 to 20151231 Dec15_ADEQ_Annual_ptegu_daily_winter_12US1_2028fh1_16j.txt.txt (7.5 KB) which giving me following error:

SCRIPT ERROR: Some file patterns not matched for style Hourly
According to MULTIFILE_NAMEBREAK, the file prefixes are:
Check file names and rerun
ERROR: Could not run combine_data.csh for hourly list file in Annual_area

Would you please review the Dec15_ADEQ_Annual_ptegu_daily_winter_12US1_2028fh1_16j.txt.txt (7.5 KB) , and suggest me how to generate those spin up model emission files in the SMOKE

Thank you

Sorry, I did not notice the SPIN UP option in the script. It is solved by using 10 days period.
Thank you

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