I am trying to run SMOKE v4 for the area source of residential wood combustion for one day in 2019 in Canada without running the speciation matrix program. The log files have all been normally completed except for smkreport.area.inv.CAN.log and smkreport.area.temporal.CAN.2016191.log, where I am getting errors. Also, there is no file in the output directory. Could you please let me know how to address that?

Thank you,
smkreport.area.inv.CAN.txt (10.3 KB)
smkreport.area.temporal.CAN.2016191.txt (10.5 KB)

Both smkreport log files indicate that a speciation-related intermediate file is missing. If you need these particular reports you will need to run spcmat.

Which file is not in the output directory? If you want to generate spatially allocated and temporalized emissions files without speciation you need to make sure that the MRG_SPCMAT_YN environment variable is set to “N” prior to running mrggrid.

Thanks so much for your response.

I need these reports as they perform important checks, but if I understand correctly, generating these files is not possible without specification.

Even I set RUN_SMKREPORT to N and now the log files are all completed normally, but there is still no “.ncf” output file in the data/output/cmaq_cb05_soa directory.

This is the run script file and I set both RUN_SPCMAT and MRG_SPCMAT_YN to N, but no output is generated.
smk_area_CAN.txt (6.6 KB)